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Dealer dealing 3 card poker cards
Live Three Card Poker offers all of the excitement of a standard poker game in a live gaming format. This immersive gaming experience guarantees suspense and excitement around the clock. Among others, fans of traditional poker will find Live Three Card Poker to be the perfect selection for live casino entertainment.  If you’re interested in winning big, Live Three Card Poker is the must-play attraction!

Main Features:

  • Real live dealers
  • Play multiple live games simultaneously
  • Pair plus bonus bet
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Ante Up for Excitement at 777

Getting started is a snap, and the dealer requires a Queen or higher to qualify. The Ante Bonus comes into play when you hit a Straight or better hand. 1000 to 1 payouts are available with the Six Card Bonus and there is also a Pair Plus option in this thrilling game. These additional bets give you more chances to win right here at 777s classic live casino.

Extra Betting Options with Three Card Poker

There is an interesting bet in Live Three Card Poker known as the Pair Plus Bonus Bet. This is a terrific optional bet where your goal is to form a Pair or Better. When this happens, you will win, regardless of whatever hand the dealer is holding. The table payout of the Pair Plus Bonus Bet can be as high as 100 to 1.

There is also another exciting bet available in the form of a Six Card Bonus Bet. Here you will be required to form the highest-ranking 5-card poker hand. You can do so by using your 3 cards as well as the dealer’s 3 cards. You will receive winnings when you have at least three of a kind – regardless of what the dealer is holding. And the payouts are an incredible 1000 to 1. That's what levels of excitement and reward await you with the latest and greatest addition to the live casino arena here at 777.

Get ready for wild action with Live Three card poker right here at our authentic Vegas casino!

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